This store is Koto player Nobutaka Yoshizawa Official Online Store. Nobutaka Yoshizawa was born 1982 in Tochigi pref. Began koto at the age of seven studied with Fumiko Waku. 2001-05 studied at Tokai university art department musicology course and 2005-07 studied at Tokai university graduate school Acoustic art course: koto music with Chieko Fukunaga. 2004, took 2nd prize The Nagatani kenngyo commemorative whole country Japanese music competition, and 2nd prize Tokyo-Japanese music competition. 2005, appeared on new talent concert (sponsored by Yomiuri newspaper) in Tokyo, and international conference, lecture concert of Asian traditional music with Korea, china, Thailand, Vietnam, India etc, Asian countries musicians in Seoul-Korea. 2006, adopted rising artist training institution by Agency for Cultural Affairs: koto and 17 strings koto studied with Teiko Kikuchi, Kazue Sawai and Chieko Fukunaga, JIUTA Sangen studied with Miho Ashigaki, analyse studied with Takehito Shimazu. 2007, held “Nobutaka Yoshizawa koto recital” in Tokyo. 2008, took Kenjyun award (1st prize) at The Kenjyun commemorative whole country koto music competition. 2009, awarded Utsunomiya citizen prize in Utsunomiya city, and performed “Three elegies for Koto” (composed by Tokuhide Niimi) be broadcasted art quintessence TV program “This shining young performers” in Japan National TV – NHK, and appeared “Salome” (sponsored by TV Asahi Broadcasting, original: Oscar Wilde, direction: Katsuhide Suzuki ) and held “ Nobutaka Yoshizawa Koto recital – take a new turn ” in Tokyo. 2010, appeared on「MATSURI 2010 GAZIANTEP」(Republic of Turkey) 2011, awarded Utsunomiya Esuperu prize, took Japanese music tour in Minneapolis (US), held “KOTO Nobutaka Yoshizawa” 34th Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 「hcmf// shorts」(UK). 2012, held “Planet and KOTO” koto concert with Planetarium machine in Tochigi pref. performed Ryohei Hirose’s Metamorphosis of the “MIDARE” for seventeen strings bass koto at 90th anniversary concert of seventeen strings bass koto in Tokyo.