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CD 「KOTO Nobutaka Yoshizawa」(ENRU-001)

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「KOTO Nobutaka Yoshizawa」 -The Seventeen + Thirteen strings- Today we are living in the world full of IT technology: in your daily life, you can satisfy your interests and concerns instantly, communicate with people all over the world easily and exchange information and knowledge without experiencing so much difficulties. Making this CD was a good opportunity for me to think about koto music that is living in a modern world and how to send its works to all over the world. I would be glad if you find some interests in the music of being born after the year 2000 and the possibilities in koto. 【Track list】 Eunkung Park / Seeking,comprehending (2013) for 13-string koto solo Akiko Nagura / Hitomura-Susuki (2008) Misato Mochizuki / Intermezzi Ⅱ (2002)~for koto solo~ Harumi Fuuki / Luminous Flux (2009) Daryl Jamieson / Plaintive belling (2013) for 13-string koto Chikako Morishita / tokage for 13-koto (2011) 【Record data】 Total time:59'43" / ENRU-001 Recorded: October 16-17, 2013 / Nogi Eniss hall Engineered by OGAWA Hiroshi (studio pelan*pelan) Art direction&Designed by Yuna Takada Translated by Ai Suka Manufactured by Enrou Records

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